OSAP deferrals

If you have no outstanding fees from previous sessions and if you applied for OSAP by the specified deadline (see below), you may request deferral of your fees payment. This deferral is not automatic! The deferral must be completed on ACORN or at the Registrar’s office at Woodsworth College by August 28 or you will be removed from your courses.  For details, see the Student Accounts web site at www.fees.utoronto.ca or contact the college registrar’s office.

Returning students should apply for OSAP by May 31 and new students by June 30. It is important that you meet these deadlines; if you do so, you may request a fees deferral, your OSAP entitlement will be determined before classes begin, and you can budget accordingly.

If you need to defer your fees but did not apply for OSAP by the deadline you should go to Enrolment Services, 172 St. George St. to request a deferral form.

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