Career Exploration & Education Services

The Career Exploration & Education is one of the places to include on your “must take advantage” of lists. As career educators on campus, the centre has a team of professional career counsellors and support staff ready to assist, coach, guide, encourage, and counsel U of T students and recent graduates so that they can learn how to make career choices that are right for them; learn about careers and how to develop the kinds of work experience needed by employers; and increase their job search and interview confidence.

Services available include career counselling and coaching for students who are undecided or unsure about their career future; assistance in career exploration and gaining work experience; extensive career planning and job search resources in the Career Library; job shadowing of career professionals through the Extern program; access to part-time, summer, volunteer jobs and full-time work for graduating students and recent graduates; resume critiques, practice interviews, and work search techniques assistance; and employer supported industry panels, career fairs, mock interviews, podcasts and information sessions. Website:

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