Program Requirements

The curriculum of the certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is reviewed yearly and revisions, additions and/or deletions may occur. Students in the program are required to follow the curriculum outlined in the calendar of the year of their admission, unless otherwise informed by the Professional & International Programs Office. The TESOL Calendar is published every June and is applicable to the following Fall/Winter Session. Woodsworth College reserves the right to change course offerings.

1. Complete All TESOL Courses

The TESOL Certificate Program consists of 8 semester-length courses. This will involve over 265 lecture hours plus additional workshops, and a 50-hour practicum (20 hours of practice teaching and 30 hours of observing).

Suggested Order for TESOL Courses:

H = half course, for which one half credit is given

TSL560H1 TESOL Methodology: Teaching Listening and Speaking
TSL561H1 Theoretical Issues in Second Language Teaching & Learning
TSL562H1 Transition to the Classroom
TSL563H1 Pedagogical Grammar
TSL564H1 TESOL Methodology: Teaching Reading and Writing
TSL565H1 Planning ESOL courses
TSL567H1 Linguistics for Teaching ESOL
TSL566H1 TESOL Practicum

It is recommended that student take Group A course before Group B. However it is acceptable to take TSL567H1, TSL564H and TSL565 earlier in the program if you wish.

Please note that TESOL courses are offered in the Winter and Fall sessions only. No courses are offered in the Summer session.

Transfer Credit

If you have taken courses similar to those offered in the program, you may request transfer credit. Indicate which course you wish assessed on the application. Course descriptions must be provided. Please note that no more than one half transfer credit per student will be granted (0.5 credit). You may contact our office at 416-978-8713 if you require further information.

2. Complete the TESOL Practicum (TSL566H1)

All students are required to complete TSL566H TESOL Practicum. Please note that this course has pre-requisites; TSL562H1, TSL563H1 and one of TSL560H1 OR TSL564H1. These must be completed prior to enrolling the Practicum, they cannot be taken concurrently. Additional Information about TSL566H1 can be found on the Practicum Information page.

3. Request Graduation

A Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages will be awarded upon successful completion of all eight of the required courses with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 1.50 or more. In order to graduate, students must use ACORN to request graduation or notify the Professional & International Programs Office in writing when they plan to complete the requirements of their program.  There is a charge for late requests.

PLEASE NOTE: Students DO NOT graduate from the program automatically (even if they have completed all of the course work), they must submit a request to graduate through ACORN/ROSI within the dates below.

Check that you’re satisfying all the requirements!

In order to make sure that you will be eligible to graduate, you may email  regarding your final selection of courses. Don’t wait until it is too late to make changes to your course selections. It is your responsibility to verify that you have fulfilled all program requirements.

Confirm Graduation Request for June 2020 on ROSI/ACORN

Please refer to the Important Dates section to find out the deadline to request June 2020 graduation.