Paying Your Fees

After you enroll in courses on ROSI/ACORN, the final step to complete your registration is to pay your fees.

The deadline to pay your fees for 2016-17 fall/winter is August 23, 2016.

Payment Instructions:

  1. View your fees invoice on ROSI/ACORN. The invoice will be posted starting July 18, 2016.
  2. Pay your fees at a bank or through online/telephone banking OR if you’re receiving OSAP or Canadian/US government loans, defer your fees on ROSI/ACORN. The deadline to do this is August 23, 2016.
  3. Check your registration status on ROSI/ACORN.

Viewing your fees invoice

Your invoice, containing tuition fee amounts for 2016-17 Fall/Winter, will appear on ROSI/ACORN starting July 18.

How and when to pay

Just like most bill payments, tuition fees are paid through a bank. You can pay them electronically (through online or telephone banking) or in person at a bank. For full payment instructions, see the Office of Student Accounts web site ( The deadline to pay is August 23.

Electronic Payments

Once you enrol in courses, you can pay your fees using Electronic payment (see below). You can obtain an up-to-date balance on ROSI/ACORN immediately after changing your course enrolments.

You can pay your fees using telephone or online banking if your bank offers this service. Call your financial institution’s telephone/online banking service and provide them with your account number and the name “University of Toronto.” Your account number is displayed on the invoice format of your account on the Student Web Service. The account number consists of up to the first five characters of your surname (in capital letters) and 10 numbers, which is your student number with leading zeroes. Make sure you distinguish between the letter “O” and the number “zero”.

Sample account numbers

  • Anthony Cho’s student number is 123456789; his account number is CHO0123456789.
  • Jane Seto-Paul’s student number is 987654321; hyphens and spaces are not used, so her account number is SETOP0987654321.
  • Christine Elias’ student number is 934578; her account number is ELIAS000934578.

N.B Make a note of the confirmation number for your records in case there is any delay or problem with your payment.

Check your registration status

If you pay (or officially defer) your fees by August 23, you will complete your registration automatically. If you do not pay or defer your fees by August 23, you will be removed from your courses at any time. To be safe, check to see if you are registered on ROSI/ACORN a few days after you paid your fees. Your registration status is displayed on the Home Page after you log in.

If your registration status is:

  • Registered – this means your registration is complete
  • Invited – this means your registration is NOT complete and you may be removed from courses after August 23
  • Financially Cancelled – this means your registration has been cancelled

If you are enrolling in courses after August 23, you must make at least your minimum payment as soon as possible after enrolling. Once the minimum payment has been received you will be officially registered. When you print your invoice from ROSI/ACORN it will display your minimum payment amount.

Just taking courses starting in January?

If you enrol in 2017 winter session courses only, you must enrol in courses early and pay at least the first installment of fees by August 23 in order to avoid being removed from your courses. If you enrol in 2017 winter session courses only after August 23, you must pay at least the first installment of fees as soon as possible or risk removal from the course(s).

Owe fees from a previous session?

Students with outstanding financial obligations to the University (including tuition and residence charges) must pay their fees in full before registering in the next academic session. Fees payments will be applied first to outstanding debt from previous sessions before being applied to the 2016-2017 fall-winter sessions.

Please ensure that your payment is sufficient to cover all arrears as well as the minimum first payment, or you won’t be registered.

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