Courses Timetable – Fall/Winter

Below is the 2020-21 Fall-Winter Timetable. Please note this is subject to change.

For detailed program information and details about planning your courses, please refer to the TESOL Program Calendar.

Further details regarding course delivery and registration instructions will be sent to current students by email.

2020 Fall (F Section) Courses

Course Section Code Title Meeting Section Class Time Location Instructor
TSL560H1 F TESOL Methodology: Teaching Listening & Speaking L0101 M2-5 online Marijke Wertheim
TSL562H1 F Transition to the Classroom L5101 R6-9 online Amy Yani
TSL563H1 F Pedagogical Grammar L5101 T6-9 online Margaret Stasiak
TSL564H1 F TESOL Methodology: Teaching Reading & Writing L5101 W6-9 online and in-person SS 1084 Marijke Wertheim
TSL566H1 F TESOL Practicum L5101 M6-9 online Margaret Stasiak

2021 Winter (S Section) Courses

Course Section Code Title Meeting Section CLASS Time Location* Instructor
TSL561H1 S Theoretical Issues in Second Language Teaching & Learning L5101 W6-9
MaryAnne John
TSL565H1 S Planning ESOL Courses L5101 T6-9 online Amy Yani
TSL566H1 S TESOL Practicum L5101 R6-9 online Margaret Stasiak
TSL567H1 S Linguistics for Teaching ESOL L5101 M6-9 online Sigrid Johnson

M=Monday   T=Tuesday   W=Wednesday   R=Thursday   F=Friday

The numbers indicate the time of day (e.g. 6-9 is 6pm to 9pm). 

*Course locations can change! Check ACORN before your class to confirm the location

Updated: June 19, 2020