Enrolling in Courses using ACORN

ACORN (ACORN stands for Accessible Campus Online Resource Network.) is U of T’s student web service you use to access parts of your academic record, change your personal information, enroll in courses, view your invoice, and much more.

By using ACORN to enrol in courses means that you agree to abide by all the academic and non-academic rules and regulations of the University and college in which you are registered and assume the obligation to pay academic and incidental fees according to the policies and requirements of the University of Toronto. For your obligations as a registered U of T student, see http://www.acorn.utoronto.ca/obligations.php.  Access ACORN at www.acorn.utoronto.ca.

Logging In

Log in to ACORN using your UTORid and password. You will first need to obtain your University of Toronto TCard and activate your UTORid before you can log in.

Normal Hours of Operation

ACORN is normally available 24 hours/7 days a week, aside from scheduled maintenance or technical reasons.


The dashboard/home page provides a quick glance of your calendar, registration status, financial account balance as well as key dates.

Profile & Settings

View and maintain your personal information: address, phone number, email address, emergency contact, other personal information

Set up direct deposit banking information


Enrol & Manage 

This menu allows you to manage your program and course enrolments.  You may view, add, modify or delete courses and programs during the appropriate times.

View Timetable

View your weekly academic timetable, including your lectures, practicals and tutorials

Planning Tools

Links to planning tools Degree Explorer, Course Finder, Transfer Explorer and Program Finder

Academic History

View/print your academic recent or complete history

Order Transcripts

Request your official transcript, view previous transcript requests

Graduation & Convocation

Confirm or cancel a request to graduate (for November 2018 convocation: the last day to add/cancel a request is TBA; after this date, changes must be made at your College Registrar’s Office)

Check the name as it will appear on your diploma


Financial Account

View your account details, payment history and fees invoice

Tuition Fee Deferral

Defer your tuition fees based on OSAP or other government financial aid

Tax Forms

View and print your T2202A form/other income T4A form for tax purposes


Once you have logged in, the session will remain active until YOU log out or the system finds it inactive. Be sure to log out after you’re finished to protect your personal and academic information.

Important Notes about using ACORN

Changes are made in real-time

Changes are recorded immediately on the student record system. You will know right away whether or not the transaction is successful.

View your courses in the Enrol & Manage menu

Always take a look at your courses in the Enrol & Manage: Courses menu after you add or cancel courses or make changes to verify you have done what you intended to do. You are charged fees for all courses in which you are enrolled.

Cancellation of Your Last Course

ACORN will warn you if you are cancelling your last course. If you do not intend to take any other courses in the session, choose the “cancel registration” option. This will ensure that your fees account will be adjusted properly. If you intend to enrol in other courses later in the session, consult the TESOL office for advice.

Mailing Address and Contact Information

Be sure to keep all your contact information, including your Mailing Address, telephone number and U of T email, current on ACORN at all times. Communications from the University are sent to your U of T email address or Mailing Address only. The University is not responsible if these communications are not received because of incorrect information recorded on ACORN.


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