Documents, Forms & Policies

TESOL Program Rules, Regulations and Policies

TESOL Program Calendar:

  • Contains information on the requirements of the program, the courses offered, rules and regulations and information on appeals and petitions. Students are expected to read the regulations and to become familiar with the requirements of the program.
  • Click HERE for a link to the TESOL Program Calendar

TESOL Registration Instructions and Timetable:

Important Notices and Definitions:

TESOL Forms for Download:

  • Reactivate Student Record Request  – Any returning student who has not registered, or registered and withdrew before classes start, for at least two consecutive sessions must complete a Request for to Reactivate Student Record form before registration is made available. Form must be submitted to the office accompanied by payment in the amount of $25.00. A student who has never completed a course in the TESOL program and wishes to return, must re-apply to the program.

PLEASE NOTE: The form required for the Police Check application is available from the instructor for TSL562H1 Transition to the Classroom and from the TESOL Program Office.