How to Apply

The application for Fall 2019 is now closed.


Application Procedures

  1. An online application
  2. The $90.00 non-refundable application fee.
  3. Completed questions — You may prepare your answers in advance so that you can cut-and-paste them into your online application. The questions you’ll be asked to respond to are included below.
  4. A resume detailing your employment history (including teaching experience, names of employers, job titles and positions).
  5. If required, acceptable proof of English facility and/or proof of name change.
  6. Transcripts


The following 6 questions will be part of the online application.

  1.  Describe any work/life experiences you feel will contribute to your success in this program and as an instructor in this field? (Maximum 150 words)
  2. TESOL instructors work, in Canada, with adults (18-80 years) who are immigrants (permanent residents) or international students (visitors to Canada). Many TESOL instructors teach abroad, in countries where English is not the dominant language.  Which group of English language learners interests you the most and why? (Maximum 50 words)
  3. What excites you about working in this field? How does this fit into your overall career goals? (75 words)
  4. What are the challenges you expect an English language instructor to face? (Maximum 75 words)
  5. Describe a situation at school or in the workplace where you encountered an interpersonal conflict or difficult situation, and how did you deal with it? (Maximum 150 words)
  6. How would you go about creating a welcome and supportive learning environment in an ESL classroom? (Maximum 75 words)


Transcripts usually take a minimum of three weeks to be received. If your transcripts have not arrived by the application deadline, your file will not be assessed. It is your responsibility to ensure that all required documents are received by the appropriate deadline.

  1. Graduates from the University of Toronto: Students who graduated prior to 1998 must request an official transcript from the Transcript Centre at:, or call 416-978-2190.  NOTE: Students who graduated from U of T in or after 1998 do not need to request a transcript, provided they can view their record on ACORN or ROSI.
  2. Graduates of another North American University: 
An official transcript of all completed post-secondary degrees (graduate and undergraduate) must be forwarded to Woodsworth College directly from the issuing institution.
  3. Graduates of non-North American institutions: 
An official transcript of all completed post-secondary degrees (graduate and undergraduate), along with all diploma/graduation certificates, must be forwarded to Woodsworth College directly from the issuing institution(s). If the original transcript is not in English, applicants must submit an English translation in addition to all original documents. Students who are not able to obtain their transcript(s) directly from the issuing institution(s) should contact the Professional & International Programs office.

Please have official transcripts forwarded to:
Professional & International Programs
Woodsworth College, University of Toronto
119 St. George Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1A9

Teaching experience will be considered, but an admission decision will not be based solely on experience.

These documents must be submitted by the deadline indicated below.

Application Deadlines:

Fall/Winter Session (begins early September 2019)                June 1, 2019


NOTE: Students who apply online must submit a paper copy of their official transcripts to the Professional and International Programs Office by June 1. This does not apply to students who graduated from U of T after 1998.

The deadline to submit your application and all supporting documents for the Fall 2019 session was June 1, 2019.

Classes begin September 2019.

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