Future Students

Please note that the Woodsworth College TESOL certificate is in the process of being permanently phased out.  No new students will be admitted to this program.

Why TESOL at Woodsworth College, University of Toronto?

TESOL/TEFL/TESL training varies widely, so when deciding which program to choose, do your research! The kind of credential you need depends on your career goals.  The TESOL post-baccalaureate certificate at Woodsworth College at the University of Toronto has been offered since 1972, and is one of the oldest and most respected programs in the country. Our TESOL certificate allows graduates to teach English to adults both in Canada and overseas.

Academic Excellence

The University of Toronto’s TESOL Certificate has a reputation for academic excellence and is a leader in the field of TESOL education. See the About Us section for more information about the institution.

Recognized Certificate

Accredited by the professional associations TESL Ontario and TESL Canada (Professional Certificate Standard Two), UofT’s TESOL certificate adheres to the highest standards demanded of ESOL teacher training programs. This certificate is recognized both here in Canada and by many employers overseas.

Graduate Employability

Our graduates are highly competitive securing employment in both in Canada and overseas. A recent survey of our graduates from the last ten years showed that 64% were working in the ESL field and 73% had found work within a year of completing the program. See the FAQ Section for more details.

Combine Theory & Practice

The program provides a sound theoretical basis for second language learning and teaching, drawing on the most current research in linguistics, second language acquisition, and teaching methodology. The theoretical component is complemented by actual classroom practice that we arrange to help students develop the skills necessary for successful learning and teaching. Hands-on practice includes a supervised teaching practicum and volunteering opportunities.

On-going Career Support and Professional Development

In addition to having access to the career centre at U of T throughout their time in the program, students and recent graduates have access to a series of free TESOL career sessions and professional development workshops designed to prepare graduates for the classroom and the job search.

Flexible Study

Students can choose to do the program on a full-time basis (in 8 months beginning in September) or a part-time basis. Classes are offered in the day time and the evening, so students can choose a schedule that works for them.

Use the University of Toronto Library System

The University of Toronto is home to Canada’s largest library system. The Modern Language Collection in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) houses approximately 10,000 volumes on language learning education, research and practice AND subscribes to all key journals and resources supporting language education. ALL TESOL students hold University of Toronto library cards and have full access to the library system.

Students’ Comments

“My certificate from the University of Toronto is a very valuable asset.  After the course, I was immediately employed and have enjoyed teaching in the field of ESL ever since.  The theoretical background, coupled with the practical teaching tools I learned in the Woodsworth courses, has helped me immensely in the classroom and has given me the confidence to pursue a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching.”

  • Akua Joseph, Program Coordinator, English Language Program, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

“The Woodsworth TESOL program offers a real-world perspective. The instructors relate sound and practical knowledge that is truly useful in today’s industry. Whether you are thinking about going abroad or making a career of teaching English in Canada, this is the right program. The depth and scope of the material taught is what separates the Woodsworth TESOL program from the others.”

  •  Ian Wigglesworth, Chair, ESL Program, George Brown College

“After 5 years of teaching EFL abroad, I continue to fall back on the knowledge and skills of the TESOL program. The courses and practice teaching were essential in creating a strong foundation for my teaching career. Not only does it serve me well in the classroom, I’ve also had an easier time navigating intercultural experiences and communication. Working abroad has its fair share of challenges, personal and professional alike, and it serves you well to be a prepared, confident educator before you embark on your journey.”

  • Anna Zorawski, Guest English Teacher, English Program in Korea, Daegu, South Korea

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Please note that the Woodsworth College TESOL certificate is in the process of being permanently phased out.  No new students will be admitted to this program.